The idea, the project, the team

OllO App

olloWorld – The idea

Update, 23.2.2019

All three founders love cooking and eating, inviting guests for a cozy get-together, are on the road a lot and mingle with friends. Some love sports, others prefer listening to the twittering birds and observing their environment from a deck-chair’s perspective. All of them prefer gadgets, smartphones and tablets over a notebook or desktop. Some adore the Apple, others coquet with the competitor. But we have one thing in common: The desire to capture our own world of adventures, to shape it and to share it with others. And we want to do it our way. Unfortunately, none of the existing solutions meets our expectations yet. Does not exist is not a phrase in our dictionary! So there we went and packed everything in a businessplan and launched the olloWorld project.

olloWorld – The Project

One thing is for sure: Our baby kept us busy and is still keeping us busy. However, not without proud we can say it evolved into something really great.

Please note, the screenshots were leftovers of our prototyping examples. So you get an insight of our past work.

OlloWorld is now a leisure platform consisting of two Apps, two online magazines and a website. The services build on and complement each other.

The OllO App has become the central part of olloWorld, providing the user a platform to become the shaper of his or her world of adventures. This world of adventures can reflect various activities such as travels, cultural events, hobbies, etc. and can generally be extended at the user’s discretion.

The online magazines “Chef’s Handyman and “OlloWorld Magazine will complement the OllO App in the area of food and travel where the respective audience will find topical reports, information, trends, tips and tricks.

The motto is:

“Capture your adventures live, share them with friends and get to know new people. Shape your own world of adventures.”

The Team

One of the founders has known the other two for years. Two have only met at the kick-off meeting. One founder’s husband is the link between all three founders. Traveling, eating and drinking as well as the versatile leisure activities is the common ground resulting in the olloWorld idea. We are all on the road a lot, love cooking for guests, eating in hand-picked restaurants and swapping ideas with other people. One founder has a somewhat unusual hobby: Viticulture and winemaking. The two others live for their passion food blogging, product development, product enlargement and product implementation.

The two female founders have been focusing on various functions of the insurance industry for decades. One founder is a software developer. You will find more about our professional background in our LinkedIn profiles below.

Charlotte Meyer, LinkedIn Profile

Jacqueline S. Barth, LinkedIn Profile

Peter W. Simeon, LinkedIn Profile