Pins & Paths


Why Pins and Paths?

The interview shows the idea behind. 

Which are your places of interest?

Charlotte: I love cities with architecture or old towns with hidden secrets, small trails and gardens in the midst of skyscrapers. I’m not the nature lover or summiteer. I like to be in the nature near by. Trails and Paths around a city is what I’m looking for.

Jacqueline: I am attracted by locations with a lot of nature and water. My favorite cities are those which call a harbor or lovely parks their own. I am constantly looking for places yet to be discovered or which let me be part of their local live. And of course my hobbyhorse: Discovering the local wine growing industry and wine culture.

Do you have special preferences when choosing a destination?

Charlotte: I prefer cities or towns that can be reached by train for a weekend for a change of scenery. We are lucky here in Europe. Outside of Europe I prefer Japan. The Shinkansen trains are so fast and comfortable. Travel by train there is a real highlight. For a day trip at the weekend I like Switzerland. Everything can be reached within no time. So different pins can be connected to a path for an interesting journey with the family or with friends.

Jacqueline: As I have a wide variety of hobbies, I am looking for locations which easily combine all of them nearby. These places become my home base for trips to the neighborhood so that I do not spend a lot of time on the road but can peacefully enjoy all new impressions. I am thereby relying on the locals’ tips and tricks. Like Charlotte, I enjoy Switzerland and its diversity on a limited surface. 

Are you a discoverer or a follower?

Charlotte: I’m open for both variations. As I’m not that good in navigation, it can happen, that I end up in a completely different destination, as I wanted to visit. Lucky me, then that way I have discovered many interesting places, which I never would have seen with a straight direction. I visit also destinations and places that have been recommended by friends.

Jacqueline: If I visit a city for the first time, I am the follower and rely on the locals’ tips as well as people I know quite well. I love city walks which I can follow at my own pace and down to my whim. As soon as I repeatedly hit a place, I want to be the first to discover the cool and hidden places. 

How do you discover a city?

Charlotte: Each trip or vacation is a combination of theater visits, concerts or a special restaurant, which I have in mind. Around these places I plan my further steps and destinations. As a second step I organize and optimize the time with the places of interests within a specific area. Then I connect them to a path. That was one of the turning points of the idea behind the olio app.

Jacqueline: A private or business event is usually the trigger for me to extend my stay for a couple  of days to explore a place in greater detail. I have recently participated in a New Work event in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmony and extended my adventure by a couple of days to discover this vibrant harbor city in greater detail.