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After a period of brainstorming, consuming lots of coffee and tea, discussing next steps during hard working days, the business plan of OlloWorld came finally to an end. Now we step into prototyping of the OlloWorld app and platform.

Get informed about the next steps and targets through the OlloWorld Magazine or here on the Almandin Tec AG Website.

What is OlloWorld?

The platform is coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

OlloWorld offers simplified planning, logging and publishing of holidays and events. OlloWorld is a leisure platform with a social media component accessible through internet and mobile app which facilitates the planning and execution of travels or events. Additional information through the OlloWorld leisure magazine and the Chef’s Handyman magazine about food & restaurants.

  • Planning & Logging with the OlloWorld App.
  • Publish & Share trips and events with friends and interested groups.
  • Share first-hand information, tips and tricks. There will be also a section for private accounts.