OllO World Updates

Search & Find

Search & find made easy 

Our team has worked on the database and added keywords to the trips. From now on you can search for terms. Try it out with: Hiking, day trips, bathing and many other words. The result will show beautiful walks, excursions or destinations to be discovered.

Heading “Search in”, activate slider, so that result will be shown:
1) Title, search terms in the title.
2) description, search terms are also searched in the text
3) by location, search for pins within a location


Under the i icon you can find helpful websites. We will update the site regularly.

Links lead directly to the websites

We have provided links to various pins. So you can read further information directly via the pins in the app. Due to the Corona protection measures these are constantly adapted by the providers. You are always up to date.

Pin Rating

From now on, the pins can be rated and provided with a small comment. An average is always displayed if several users have rated the same pin. Download the app update – and let’s rate.


Soon our new OllO World website will be ready, so that also non-iPhone users can discover trips and journeys and get inspired.

Many thanks to all travelers who also share pins and exciting trips.

Now we wish you many interesting trips at home and abroad.