Are commercials really that annoying?

OllO World

Our opinion: No, it does not have to be!

Brands Yes or No

Charlotte, brands have become part of our everyday life. Some love the latest collections, others are looking for a good price of their favorite dress and for a third group brands are a way to flag trendiness. Almost every brand is supported by commercials.

Jacqueline, human beings, products and services have one thing in common: The environment first notices their appearance, style and surface which with time become a brand or a very specific attribute. Some of these brands even find their way into our language: A Kleenex if we mean a tissue, Hoover if we mean a vacuum cleaner, etc.

Idea behind our product

Charlotte, we aim for an advertising space which is not obtrusive and which properly reflects the user’s needs.

Jacqueline, comparable to brands which found their way into our language we aim for a symbiosis between the users, their needs and the advertisers.

Pins & Paths

Charlotte, with pins and paths we have found a scalable solution. The users can combine brands (e.g. shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) with their own paths. When walking a path, these individual stops are visited enabling the advertiser to become part of a user’s adventure.

Jacqueline, at OllO pins and paths become the link between users and advertisers. Jointly they shape new adventures which can be as individual as their creators.


Charlotte, the user decides how and when to include pins into the paths. The user is therefore in charge and has control over the advertisement which is a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Jacqueline, the users continue to control their world of adventures. They decide when and how to make use of promotional offers. The advertiser therefore becomes a true and active partner. Depending on identified trends and needs, advertisers may have their base in different industries.

Advantages for advertisers and users

Charlotte, the advertiser can follow up on how pins are being applied by the users. The users can include the favorite brand in their paths and maybe get a little present by presenting the App at one of the stops.

Jacqueline, the difference to other products in the market mentioned above are at the same time the main advantages for both the advertiser and the user. Comparable to the networking between users, advertisers could join other advertisers on a path.