About us

Almandin Tec AG


Cooking is a passion, also photography, travel through the continents and sports. Abroad is a good place, picking up new ideas. Everything around the kitchen will be stored in the camera. Recipe ideas will be tested and enlarged at the home base. Critical testers are my family and my friends. The outcome will be published in the Chef’s Handyman Magazine or in the iPhone/iPad app. Smartphones are made to store everything, so all the information and recipes are on one’s fingertips. Social media platforms are also channels to publish pictures and recipes. Guests are my food magazine readers.

Almandin Tec AG is the home base of the e-cookbook serial of Chef’s Handyman, the Chef’s Handyman online Food Magazine and the Chef’s Handyman iPhone/iPad App.

Insight Almandin Tec AG informs about new activities around Chef’s Handyman. The food magazine community is growing. Many thanks to all the readers!

The world keeps turning. New products will be developed. Many of the ideas come to nothing. Some of them do find the way for brainstorming. If they will be strong enough for the future will not be reliant on my ideas only. A community is also needed for the growth.

olloWorld, our project in progress, will turn into a social media leisure platform/network.  Meanwhile follow the olloWorld Magazine to fetch news about travel, hobbies and the current status of the project.

Sincerely yours,