Pins & Paths


Why Pins and Paths? The interview shows the idea behind.  Which are your places of interest? Charlotte: I love cities with architecture or old towns with hidden secrets, small trails and gardens in the midst of skyscrapers. I’m not the nature lover or summiteer. I like to be in the nature near by. Trails and […]

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The OllO Story

The idea behind the OllO App A car on the street passed by, while I was waiting at the traffic lights, suddenly a book fell onto the road. I took the little brown book and read the title: My travel diary! Imagine you could’t share your ideas and fancy places with your friends anymore. That’s […]

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Are commercials really that annoying?

OllO World

Our opinion: No, it does not have to be! Brands Yes or No Charlotte, brands have become part of our everyday life. Some love the latest collections, others are looking for a good price of their favorite dress and for a third group brands are a way to flag trendiness. Almost every brand is supported […]

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The idea, the project, the team

OllO App

olloWorld – The idea Update, 23.2.2019 All three founders love cooking and eating, inviting guests for a cozy get-together, are on the road a lot and mingle with friends. Some love sports, others prefer listening to the twittering birds and observing their environment from a deck-chair’s perspective. All of them prefer gadgets, smartphones and tablets […]

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After a period of brainstorming, consuming lots of coffee and tea, discussing next steps during hard working days, the business plan of OlloWorld came finally to an end. Now we step into prototyping of the OlloWorld app and platform. Get informed about the next steps and targets through the OlloWorld Magazine or here on the […]

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